White Tortilla Recipes

Toasted Banana & Chocolate Tortilla

Serves: 1
Meal Type: Dessert
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Spread the chocolate spread evenly onto one side of the tortilla. Chop up the banana into bite-sized pieces and place onto the top half of the round tortilla, on top of the chocolate spread.

Fold the bottom half of the tortilla (without the banana) over the top half. Now fold in the two sides, so that the banana is wrapped up in the middle.

Toast the wrap in a pre-heated sandwich press for approximately two minutes, or until the tortilla is crisp and golden brown.

Serve with ice cream for a quick and tasty dessert.


1 Bazaar White Tortilla Wrap

1 small banana

2 tsp chocolate/hazelnut spread

1 scoop of icecream to serve

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